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    Essential Oil Discovery Call

    Are essential oils right for you?

    During this complimentary call, we will cover what essential are, how they are used, and how they would best benefit you. You will be provided with plenty of information (sent via email) as well as a chance to receive samples. This session can be booked over the phone or via video chat.

    *open to non doTERRA members only*

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    I Have My Oils! Now What?

    Your essential oils have just arrived!! Now what??

    During this call we will go over all of your fun new products! How to use them, when to use them, and how to get the most out of your doTERRA membership!

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    Essential Oil Custom Blend Creation

    Create your own customized roller blend.

    Experience the empowering properties of essential oils. Create a personalized aromatherapy blend to meet your mood and health needs. Blend will be shipped to you.

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    Essential Oil Daily Blue Print Creation

    Need help creating your daily plan?

    Whether you are new to essential oils, use them several times a day, or you have let your bottles get a little dusty on the shelf, everyone can use a fresh plan! Let's make time to sit down, chat, and work together to create a slamming oily daily routine that makes you (and your family!) feel your best. I'm available to chat over the phone, or via video chat.

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    Essential Oil Business Chat

    Is a doTERRA business right for you?

    This is the perfect conversation if you are interested in the business aspect of doTERRA, and NOT enrolled with another Wellness Advocate. This 20 minute chat is also available to anyone on the Crunchy Wellness Essential Oil Team.

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